Corporate Social Responsibility

We help our clients make a meaningful impact.

 One of the most powerful trends in global business today is the rise in importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Stakeholders increasingly look for meaningful  CSR contributions; merely paying lip service may invite charges of “green-washing.”  Hamilton Advisors strategizes, structures and helps implement viable and impactful CSR programs for our clients. Our programs engage management, employees and other stakeholders to enhance corporate reputation and spotlight a company’s contributions to society.

Practicing what we preach, Hamilton Advisors supports the Ocean Recovery Alliance and the Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care with our time, talents and resources. In addition, Robert Grieves is chairman of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

 We help our clients… 

  • Develop CSR objectives, strategies and implementation plans.
  • Form CSR steering committees and corporate volunteer teams.
  • Organize CSR events and volunteer activities.
  • Build nongovernment organization (NGO) / charity relations and partnerships.
  • Apply for CSR recognition awards.